Music Lessons for Preschoolers (4-6yrs)

Structured, engaging and purposeful teaching at a pace tailored to the each individual's needs.


Head Start prepares young children for dedicated instrumental or vocal lessons by developing basic musicianship skills, including recognition and response to pitch, beat, rhythm, dynamics, structure and texture, through a variety of active learning activities.

This program incorporates basic piano or violin skills that form a solid foundation for one-to-one instrumental lessons. Head Start classes use a variety of musical games and activities and songs and rhymes that are directly linked to what is taught on the piano or violin.

In the classes young students learn to use sophisticated musical vocabulary and read and notate music.The curriculum incorporates two resources: a music theory activity book designed for young children filled with colour and stickers, and a piano book.


Advantage Music Academy (AMA) is about a lot more than merely learning to play an instrument or sing. AMA is about life-long learning and developing highly capable learners. AMA teaches students how to structure their learning, recognise patterns, problem solve, listen intently, self-reflect, self-evaluate, value precision, and to pursue excellence.


AMA does not expect students to become professional musicians but teaches students to a standard that would enable them to pursue further study at the tertiary level if they desired. In fact, in AMA's first two years of operation, 5 students went on to study at the tertiary level.

Learning Online

Online lessons via live video conferencing with 4-6-year-olds can be quite challenging for the child, the teacher and the parent. Advantage Music Academy is committed to finding the ideal online lesson structure for each individual child. Parents have three options:

1. Two 15-minute lessons on the same day (morning and afternoon) or on two different days of the week.

2. One 15-minute lesson PLUS one pre-recorded video of feedback and/or instruction per week.

3. Video feedback and instruction only.

More information

For more information including pricing, download the information pack.

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