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I am (dare I say gulp) a mature age student, absolutely enjoying having lessons again and exploring a different instrument. I graduated with a music degree in 1982. Since then I have taught a variety of instruments, and been very involved with my children’s school music programmes. Now I am the student again. Loving it.


Advantage Music Academy educational programs are not exclusive to children. The Academy works with many adult students, helping them achieve their personal goals whether they are absolute beginners, returning to an instrument they previous started - no matter how long ago - or experienced learners. Advantage Music Academy understands that many adult learners have busy schedules or irregular work rosters. The Academy commits to finding an arrangement that suits adult students. Some adults attend fortnightly, others alternate between two different days each week, some opt for intensive learning with multiple lessons per week for a short period then take some time off, others still take regular 45-minute lessons and when they miss a few for travel the lessons are subsequently made up for with 1-hour lessons.

Piano lessons, all day, every day*

*except Sundays

Arrange lessons to suit your goals.

Make the standard booking of one lesson per week or get the most of your learning experience and two book lessons per week and combine instrumental tuition with theory to boost your learning by making stronger connections between all elements of music. All theory lessons are guaranteed to enhance your instrumental or voice study as all theory content is directly linked to the music you are learning.

Cello Wednesday & Saturday

Guitar Tuesday & Friday

Piano Monday - Saturday

Violin Wednesday & Friday

Voice Wednesday & Thursday

Contact for more information about availability.


Advantage Music Academy currently offers cello, guitar, piano, violin and voice. Please contact the Academy for information on available places.

Tuition Fees

Enrolments are accepted for a minimum of a one-term payment period. Each term is typically 10-weeks long and roughly aligns with public school term dates; however, from time to time the exact commencement and conclusion dates dates of the teaching periods for the Academy vary. The dates of each teaching period are published one term in advance and can be found in the website header.


More about pricing here:

Terms & conditions of enrolment here:

One-term Payment Period



1x30-min. lesson per week

1x45-min. lesson per week: $705/term

1x60-min. lesson per week: $940/term

Four-term Payment Period


1x30-min. lesson/wk

1x45-min. lesson per week: $634.50/term

1x60-min. lesson per week: $846/term

Fees are paid upfront for the entire four-term payment period

Terms and conditions apply.

Two-term Payment Period



1x30-min. lesson per week

1x45-min. lesson per week: $675/term

1x60-min. lesson per week: $900/term

Fees are paid upfront for the entire two-term payment period.

Terms and conditions apply.

Want to take it entirely casually?

No enrolment.

Come and go as required.

One lesson paid in advance once booked.

Subject to availability.


per half-hour lesson

Theory Lessons

Learners are students of music, instruments are merely tools of communicating music. The more knowledge and understanding of music as a language students have, the better they are able to communicate and the more enriching their learning experience. Learn more about AMA theory programs.

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Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

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