Music Lessons for Adults

Structured, informed and responsive teaching tailored to each individual adult student's needs, goals and interests.



Cello, guitar, piano, violin & voice.


Enrol in the most engaging, student-centred and professionally recognised music program in Perth.


Who are our adult students?

Our adult students come to us for all sorts of reasons: fulfil personal goals, take up a hobby, find a release from the stress of work. Some of adult students are total beginners and others learned as a child or more recently. Here is a little about just some of our adult students:

  • Margot learned piano as a young child but hated it. She returned to it more than 70 years later in 2018 and has been with us since, taking two 30-minute lessons per week.

  • Dieter is a busy emergency department doctor who started learning cello with us as an absolute beginner in 2019.

  • Walter is retired and always wanted to learn guitar so his wife purchased his first 5 lessons and he's with us still many lessons later.

  • Maria (hands pictured above!) decided to take up the piano as a total beginner not long after turning 50 and has taken her commitment very seriously attending 3 hours a week.

  • Hiva and her husband decided to learn piano along side their 5-year-old daughter as an activity to do as a family.

  • Heather took up the piano for her own enjoyment and to better be able to support her two sons learning piano with us. Julia did the same. Susannah is a uni student and goes between guitar and voice lessons.

  • David (pictured below!) is a retired engineer. 

What's your story?

I tried two private teachers and neither of them could accommodate my work schedule but you could!

- Mahsa Z


Contrary to teacher-centred 'traditional' teaching practices, our student-centred approach will have you achieve demonstrable results and enjoy your lessons.


We will work with your schedule. If you can only commit once a fortnight, we'll make it work. If you want to do twice a week, we'll make it work. If you're away for a few weeks, we'll make it work.


Enriching experience

All adult students have access to free theory and general knowledge classes and soiree's exclusive to adult students. We get together once every 10-12 weeks and perform and share our learning experience, while enjoying a beer or wine and something to eat. 

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Professional recognition

We are the only music school in Western Australia that is an industry partner with a major university. We offer internships to students of the University of Western Australia Conservatorium of Music for which a full academic credit is awarded.