Too often students are taught how to pass an exam; they learn merely for assessment. This often results in empty mechanical playing, a lack of depth in musical understanding, and it inhibits a long-lasting interest in music. This approach may see a student through the lower grades, but from about seventh grade and above, a greater depth of communication in performance is expected. In contrast to learning for assessment, we advocate

| assessment of learning

Exams are not goals. Exams are simply a platform through which broader and more important goals may be recognised. What goals? Personal growth and experiencing and sharing the incredible communicative and transformative power of music. We use the content of the syllabus to give structure to the learning, not as a teaching method. 



Drawing only on internationally recognized music scholarship, we cover all aspects of Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft for all levels as described in the AMEB syllabus. The courses are delivered by the Academy Director, a former University of Western Australia lecturer of music theory and analysis. 
We prepare students for AMEB written exams by teaching the language of music: how it works, how it's constructed, and the relationships between all of its elements, all of which is underpinned by peer-reviewed, internationally recognised research. We don't teach rules, we teach possibilities. We link what's on the page to sound. We're not interested in rote learning, we're interested in meaningful learning, and the development and retention of skills that can be transferred into any field of work or study.​

The importance of the academic study of music goes beyond the exam: it informs how we listen to and perform music. 

Please make a time to come and see the studio for yourself and have a chat about your unique needs and goals.

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