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At Subiaco Primary!


"he was the only child in the year to be getting a D for music in the upcoming semester 2 report...[the teacher said] last week at school that he would now be getting an 'A' in his upcoming semester 1 report. He has never had an A or B for anything...To be honest, I'm not that bothered about grades, it's his self-esteem and self-worth that will always be my focus and I certainly saw that this was intact last week."

- Rachel S



Your child's learning is in the good hands of our engaging, encouraging, tertiary-educated, experienced teachers, many of whom are qualified classroom teachers.


Your child's teacher is under the leadership of an award-winning former academic and qualified educational leader with over 20-years' teaching experience who works very closely with all of our teachers and with whom you can communicate directly.



At the centre of everything we do are the best interests of each individual student. Our teachers strategise with you to ensure that your child's learning needs are being met.


The scope, pace, content, and approach are adjusted according to your child's needs, interests and goals.



Your child's progress and weekly expectations and goals are regularly and clearly communicated to you, both in person at each lesson and through classroom management apps.


Our teachers will make videos of practice techniques so that your child (and you) know exactly what is expected, how to do it and what quality looks and sounds like.

He absolutely loved it!!! He did not stop talking about it all night! Please sign him up.

- Kristy M

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Your child's instrumental lesson will take place during the school day. But don't worry! We will coordinate with the school to ensure no tests or important events are missed and you won't lose the tuition fee.


If a missed lesson is unavoidable, we'll create instructional video content on ClassDojo in lieu of the lesson. 

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Our teachers incorporate theory, notation, general knowledge, and aural skills into instrumental lessons so that your child becomes a better thinker, listener, and performer. 



Your child will have access to everything our students at the Academy in Cottesloe have access to - performance opportunities both at the Academy and at UWA Conservatorium of Music, free musicianship classes, competitions, workshops, and school holiday programs.

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Professional recognition​

We are the only music school in Australia that is an industry partner with a major university. We offer internships to students of the University of Western Australia Conservatorium of Music for which a full academic credit is awarded.


What's in it for the school?

We want a partnership. We don't want to rent space like tacky music "schools" like KeyedUp. Rent won't benefit the school - a partnership will. We don't want to offer free group tuition like IMSS that will hold your child back (pay peanuts, you get monkeys...). We want to contribute to the school and help grow the music program putting Subiaco Primary School as the premier primary school for music in the Western Suburbs.


What you can do

Tell Mr. Angel! He knows the Academy, he knows our Director, Steve Armstrong. Tell your Principal, too. Tell them you want Advantage Music Academy teaching your child an instrument while they are at school. 

Use the sign-up form at the link below. We will get in touch and tell you more about us and what we do, and we'll let Mr. Angel know you're interested ourselves.