Frequently asked questions

Scheduling/missed lessons etc

I need to change my lesson time.

If you need to change your lesson day and/or time for the next term, the more notice you provide the more likely we will be able to accomodate but we can't make any guarantees. Unfortunately, changing your lesson day/time mid-term is almost impossible. You should still ask...but it's best not to keep your hopes up. It's never as simple as you think. Don't forget, there are 200+ other students here every week. It's quite common for parents of students to ask us to move the lessons because of a clash with a sport schedule. Before you ask us, remember, your sport coach cares as much about your music lessons as we do your sport lessons. Sorry if that's sounds harsh, but we're a business, we don't revolve around your sport coach! In any case, ask us. But we cannot make any promises.

I missed a lesson, can I reschedule?

We'd love to! But, sorry, it's just not possible. When you enrol, you take a place. That place has to be paid for regardless of attendance. Imagine it: Hi teacher, student is not coming today because they have a party to go to. Do you mind sitting around for half an hour while you wait for the next student? Oh, and we can't pay you because you have to come in another day for this one student and be paid for it then because the student doesn't want to pay for your time that they booked with you today...which is why you are here in the first place. We don't do "make up" lessons. If you miss a lesson, your teacher will use the time to create some video lesson content through YouTube (private unlisted videos - we'll send a link) for adults, and ClassDojo for kids for students to work on. You can still ask! Sometimes, we can make it work. But don't be upset if we can't. We wouldn't exist if we allowed everyone to come and go as it suits.

What happens if I'm late?

We'll start your lesson immediately, but we can't go overtime. You know how infuriating it is when you make an appointment with a doctor and they leave you waiting for even 10 minutes? ...And they're a lot more expensive than music lessons! We won't do that to our clients. The next person has paid for their place so we're going to give it to the them, and for all you know, they may have other appointments to get to after. If there's no one after you, your teacher will still finish on time because they don't work for free.

What happens if my teacher is late?

They will be reprimanded! You will still receive the full amount of time you booked. If you have to leave on schedule, let your teacher know, they will make it up to you another day.

Fees and Payments

How are direct debit amounts calculated?

Here's an example of how we calculate the fees: Half-hour lessons, once per week in each term, direct debit from bank account. + $470 (term 1) + $423 (term 2) + $517 (term 3) + $470 (term 4) + $11.88 (12 monthly transactions x $0.99 bank transaction fee) = $1891.88 per annum $1891.88 / 12 (months) = $157.66 monthly payments $157.66 + $9.90 (setup fee) = $167.56 first payment

How do I pay my tuition fees?

We use direct debit to take payment for tuition. We do this because it eliminates hours and hours and hours of unecessary admin. Go to for more information.

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