Extend your child's potential,

expand their mind and capabilities,

increase their capacity for learning, and

open up to them a world of possibility.

Her teacher was immediately engaging and has been wonderful at conveying the basics in a way that has kept a six year old interested and wanting to practice and progress her learning.

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With or without piano component

Engaging materials

Active learning 


Shared (pair)

Group (3-4)

Book a group class (3-4 students) and get 2-3 other friends to join you and you'll receive a $50 credit.

Head Start Piano is an engaging, active and structured program that incorporates basic musicianship skills, including recognition and response to pitch, beat, rhythm, dynamics, structure and texture, through a variety of games and learning activities with or without piano instruction. We use teaching aids such as percussion instruments, coloured matchsticks, popsticks, mats, balls, and more! 


In the classes young students learn to use sophisticated musical vocabulary and read and notate music. The curriculum incorporates two resources: a music activity book designed for young children filled with colour, stickers and tracing, and a method book.

This isn't just music lessons.

It's bigger than music.

This is about giving your child more opportunities to be the best they can be.

It's unlocking and extending potential that affects so many areas of your child's life and development...


and there's plenty of science to prove it.

We've increased capacity for 2021.

Enrol now before you miss out!


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