Head Start


Engaging piano lessons for 3-5-year-olds.

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Extend your child's potential,

expand their mind and capabilities,

increase their capacity for learning, and

open up to them a world of possibility.

Head Start is available to children enrolled at MercyCare on their days off from daycare. 

All MercyCare enrolments are treated like any other student at Advantage Music Academy having access to all events, including regular performance opportunities at the Academy and at the end of each year at The University of Western Australia Conservatorium of Music. 


We use the classroom management app, ClassDojo, to post weekly instructions, feedback, and media content such as instructional videos or parts of the lesson.

Everything is centralised so you can easily contact us just like any other Academy student can, via phone, email, or in person at our premises in Peppermint Grove.

Everything is done through us, including enrolment and payment.



Our one-to-one lessons are entirely tailored to the individual child and you can expect to see strong development with the instrument. These classes cost $470 per 10-week term.


Our second option is lessons in pairs. These lessons are a little less tailored to the individual student but are great for kids who learn better socially or where your goals are more weighted towards general music education, rather than a specific instrument. These classes cost $370 per 10-week term


Our third option is lessons in groups of 3 or 4. These lessons are for those don't have an instrument at home or are not concerned about instrumental development and just want their child to enjoy being musical without having to practice an instrument. We still include an instrumental component but we do not expect the children to practice much, if at all. These classes cost $270 per 10-week term.