Engaging, active, and fun group classes for 2-4-year-olds. We pride our program for toddlers on its educational content that teachers very young children how to listen, respond, and recreate. 

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Music Lessons

Two musicians: the relay race of generat


Active learning integrated with instrumental and vocal lessons in preparation of dedicated instrumental or vocal lessons for 4-6-year-olds.


Instrumental or vocal lessons tailored to the needs, goals, and interests of each individual student while being supported by an overarching educational framework of student competencies.

Small girl learning play violin with tea


For absolute beginners, false beginners, or experienced learners of all ages. For mums wanting to be able to better help their child practice their instrument at home or wanting to do something for themselves; for dads needing that expertise to advance further at guitar having started learning online; for retirees who finally have the time to pursue something they have always wanted; for everyone. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason...

Advantage Music Academy Pty Ltd Level 1 Cottesloe Central, Peppermint Grove, WA 0403 536 228  


ABN 77 623 119 773

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