The study of music theory at Advantage Music Academy is supported by internationally-recognised music theory research and fosters deep and meaningful learning by teaching musical relationships, patterns and possibilities. 

Premium Learning Experience

Traditional theory books tend to isolate elements of music into abstract exercises ignoring the relationship between what is written on the page and sound. The study of music theory at Advantage Music Academy emphasises the beauty and complexity of music, its incredible communicative power, and we link it to sound, we don't teach "rules". We teach how and why - anyone can teach what. We teach music first, then we use books to reinforce and practice concepts.

Informed Teaching & Learning

Unlike the content of even the most popular theory books written for exam preparation in AMEB, theory courses at the Academy are supported by internationally recognised, peer-reviewed scholarship and are overseen by the Academy Director, a former lecturer of music theory and recipient of two university teaching excellence awards. That's why don't teach from or to the books.

Assessment of learning

...not learning for assessment.

Students in the compulsory stream are not required to sit theory exams, although we do encourage them to. Our focus is student learning, not assessment. Emphasis is not placed on rote learning, but meaningful learning, and the development and retention of skills that can be transferred into any field of work or study.

How it Works

The study of music theory is compulsory for children from pre-primary to year 12 and up to AMEB Theory of Music grade 3, inclusive, or equivalent. Age-appropriate materials and methods are used. Students wishing to study grade 4 and above must enrol separately (tuition fees apply). We select and provide the appropriate workbook which is paid for by the student. Typically, one book is sufficient for one year. There are three different study options all of which may be taken in combination.

Study Option 1:


Study is fully integrated into the instrumental or vocal lessons. Teaching staff link theory and practical as appropriate


Study is integrated in the instrumental or vocal lessons as the teacher sees appropriate. Concepts are linked directly to practice. Students may choose to dedicate a portion of the lesson to theory every week, or fortnight, or month.

There are no additional tuition fees.

Group Classes

Study is undertaken through group classes held at various times throughout each term. There is a minimum of three classes throughout each term, held on weekends and the occasional weekday. Classes are organised by level and cater for up to 15 students at a time.

Classes cost $15 and run for 30 minutes to one hour. Contact the Academy to find out when classes are held.


Study is undertaken through multi-day courses during the school-holiday periods. Multiple dates are available in each holiday. Classes are organised by level and cater for up to 15 students at a time. Contact time each day varies from 2 hours to 5 hours depending on age and level. Students have the option of sitting an online exam at the end of the course.

Intensives courses start at $150.

AMEB Grades 4+

Students wishing to study AMEB Theory of Music Grades 4 and above enrol in one-to-one, shared, or small-group contexts. 

Book a 30-minute trial lesson

No obligation, no enrolment.

$35 paid in advance.


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Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

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