Our theory program enables our students to become better thinkers, performers, and listeners. It sharpens our students' creative, critical, analytical, problem-solving, and reasoning skills, and it enriches their learning experience and life.

The study of music theory at Advantage Music Academy is supported by internationally-recognised music theory research and fosters deep and meaningful learning by teaching musical relationships, patterns and possibilities, and connecting everything to sound.

Premium Learning Experience

Traditional theory books tend to isolate elements of music into abstract exercises ignoring the relationship between what is written on the page and sound. The study of music theory at Advantage Music Academy emphasises the beauty and complexity of music, its incredible communicative power, and we link it to sound, we don't teach "rules". We teach how and why - anyone can teach what. We teach music first, then we use books to reinforce and practice concepts.

Informed Teaching & Learning

Unlike the content of even the most popular theory books written for the Australian Music Examination Board exams, including the AMEB's own publications(!), theory courses at the Academy are supported by internationally recognised, peer-reviewed scholarship and are overseen by the Academy Director, a former lecturer of music theory and recipient of two university teaching excellence awards. That's why we don't teach from or to the books.

Assessment of learning

...not learning for assessment.

Our focus is student learning, not assessment. Emphasis is not placed on rote learning, but meaningful learning, and the development and retention of skills that can be transferred into any field of work or study.


AMEB Grade 4 Theory of Music

Grade 4 Theory of Music is a syllabus prescribed by the Australian Music Examination Board and is the minimum grade required in order to pass Grade 8 Practical. 


How does it work?

Students can join in person at the Academy or live online from the convenience of your own home. If students can attend neither in person or live online, they can watch the recorded class in their own time. 


What's included?

Tuition fees include over 24 hours of input: classes, feedback, and exam supervision.

  • 20 x 45-minute classes with a multi-award-winning associate lecturer of musicology

  • 20 individualised feedback videos

  • Downloadable worksheets with answers

  • Past exam questions

  • Past exam answers (exclusive to Advantage Music Academy!)

  • Exam fee (exam conducted online)

  • Exam supervision (conducted online)

We suggest students use a mobile device with a PDF reader and digital pen to complete work. This will save resources and facilitate easy marking and feedback.

We sit the exam ourselves every year to check for surprises! 


How long does the course run for?

April 28 - September 22

Live classes will be held on Thursdays, 3:45pm- 4:30pm.

New course content will no longer be created after the course completion date of September 22 (after 20 classes) However, students will continue to have access to all the content and receive feedback (20 feedback videos in total) and can sit the exam any time within 12 months of enrolling. 


Attend in person or live online, or complete the course entirely at your own pace (recorded classes). Students have 12 months to complete the course and sit the exam.