Book post-lockdown lessons

Things you need to know before booking

  • These lessons are ONLY for those who missed lessons, including trials, due to the lockdown from Tuesday, 29 June to Saturday, 3 July inclusive. 

  • You must book by midday Thursday, 8 July as payments for term 3 will be processed on Friday, 9 July. Please book as early as possible, i.e. this weekend, so that we can let teachers know what they're doing and we can plan effectively!

  • If you book after Thursday, 8 July, we will add the tuition fee to your next payment. 

  • If you book a lesson and cancel or miss it, you forfeit the fee.

  • If you do not book, you will receive credit.


  • Your usual time slot is not yours by default.

  • If there are insufficient bookings we will try to move your lesson or cancel. 

  • If you normally have 45-minute lessons, book an hour (limitation of the app).

  • If you normally have one-hour lessons, you need to book half-hours individually (limitation of the app).

  • Please book back-to-back. If there are gaps in the teacher's schedule, we will either ask you to move your lesson or we will cancel. We simply cannot pay staff for gaps all over the schedule.

Let us know if you can't find a spot that works for you.