Census dates for withdrawal

Census Dates

Even though you may choose to pay monthly, you are still committed to the minimum enrolment of one term. (You can view our term dates here: If you wish to withdraw enrolment at any point, you must do so before the following census dates to avoid a month's tuition being charged:

2021 deadlines for withdrawal without incurring further charges.

Term 2: April 1

Term 3: July 5

Term 4: September 25

Notification of withdrawal must be given in writing to

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Paying via direct debit

The Policy All payments are made via direct debit. We do not accept any other payment method. Fees are automatically paid either upfront for each term or monthly via bank account or credit card. Once

Changing & missing lessons

The Policy Our enrolment terms state that we do not reschedule lessons, irrespective of notice or the reason given. If you need to change your lesson time permanently, you need to complete a request.

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