Changing & missing lessons

Updated: Mar 27

The Policy

Our enrolment terms state that we do not reschedule lessons, irrespective of notice or the reason given. If you need to change your lesson time permanently, you need to complete a request. You can find the form on the students page:

Understanding the Policy

This policy allows you to keep your place and allows us to find places for new enrolments. Our staff are here only because you made a booking. If we reschedule we not only have to pay the staff member twice for that one lesson and all the running costs, but we lose another booking also.

However, if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, we will endeavour to find you an alternative time. We will only do this with at least 24-hours' notice provided and we cannot make any guarantees. Rescheduling lessons is subject to availability. That means, if someone else cancels, we can offer you their booking.

Lesson Swap

We are also trialling a lesson swap list. If you need to cancel a lesson, you can instead join the swap list and you may find someone with whom you can lesson times. See for more information.

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