Paying via direct debit

Updated: Mar 27

The Policy

All payments are made via direct debit. We do not accept any other payment method. Fees are automatically paid either upfront for each term or monthly via bank account or credit card. Once you set up the payments, you do not have to do it again, even when paying upfront for each term.

Upfront payments are made on the first day of the school holiday period prior to the term for which you are paying.

Monthly payments are made on the 4th of every month.

Understanding the Policy

Direct debit is everywhere: gym memberships, Netflix and Spotify accounts, and maybe even your utility bills. Why do we have it? Having direct debit means we get paid on time and we don't have to invest hours of admin following up hundreds of people every year. But how does that benefit you? We can invest more time and money in improving teaching and learning. It also means your place is secure; no one else can have it because your payment is made on time. It also means you won't receive an invoice and invoice reminders. It means no one will get upset or uncomfortable because we have to call and ask you to pay. It means you won't get upset because a late fee is charged on your invoice. It also means you can pay monthly if you like, instead of a large lump sum.

Most music schools require direct debit, in fact, some charge an annual registration fee, as much as $60, and late fees of $25. We don't charge annual fees and we don't charge late fees - we don't have to because direct debit solves that issue.

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