Current Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19

While the risk of COVID -19 infection is currently very low, Advantage Music Academy is taking preventative measures and setting in place plans for possible mass-isolation or government-mandated lockdown. Our policy and plan are informed by the advice provided solely by the Western Australia Department of Health and the State and Federal Governments.

Any staff, student, parent or carer who fails to comply with all hygiene requirements will be required to leave the premises.

Personal Hygiene
All staff, students and their families or carers are required to wash their hands before entering the premises. Anyone on the premises who expels fluid by – including but not limited to – coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose is required to wash or sanitise their hands immediately.

Studio Hygiene.
All staff are required to sanitise their hands as necessary throughout lessons. Staff may administer hand sanitiser to students at their discretion. The following items are sanitised with undiluted hospital-grade disinfectant daily:

  • pianos (after every piano lesson)

  • desks and tables

  • coffee station

  • kettle

  • fridge door

  • door handles

  • percussion instruments

  • lounges

  • beanbags

  • windowsills

The entrance is left open so that contact with the exit button is not necessary.

All magazines, books and toys have been removed. Parents or carers are encouraged to bring their own entertainment while waiting.

Social Distancing
All staff, students and their families or carers are required to practice effective social distancing. Only one parent or carer is permitted to accompany the child(ren) into the premises. If possible, siblings of students should not be brought on to the premises.

Enrolment Policy

All terms and conditions of enrolment remain in place, however, as of Monday, 16 March, lessons may be conducted online upon request with 24-hours’ notice using the Zoom platform should a student or member of the household be unwell or a member of the household be required by law to self-isolate. Parents and students can find instructions on the website here:

Any parent or student who opts for online lessons accepts that the Academy cannot guarantee the quality of the connection, video or audio and that no extra time is provided should the connection be disrupted. The parent or student is responsible for their own software, hardware and any troubleshooting.

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