Music Lessons for School Children

Structured, informed and responsive teaching tailored to each individual student's learning needs and interests. 


Students will learn how to recognise issues in their playing and apply effective and efficient practice strategies to overcome those issues. Students will develop superior instrumental or vocal technique that is informed by and seeks to achieve expressive goals. Students will become effective communicators; they will build confidence and self-efficacy.

Small girl learning play violin with tea


Advantage Music Academy is about a lot more than merely learning to play an instrument or sing.; it is about life-long learning and developing highly capable learners. We teach students how to structure their learning, recognise patterns, problem solve, listen intently, self-reflect, and self-evaluate. We foster the value of precision, excellence, and commitment. 


We do not expect students to become professional musicians but teaches students to a standard that would enable them to pursue further study at the tertiary level if they desired. In fact, in our first two years of operation, 5 students went on to study at the tertiary level.

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons


Students have several performance opportunities every year, including informal mid-term performances, a formal annual culmination concert held in a professional performance venue, and ensemble performances. 

Our ensemble program gives our students an invaluable learning experience through making music with others for no additional fees.


All primary-school-aged students participate in our reward program. Students earn points that correspond to skills in our educational framework to earn stickers on their chart. When students earn their gold sticker, they choose a prize and become eligible for Student of the Year Award.


Choose your place and pay a deposit to secure a spot. We'll be in touch soon after.

Advantage Music Academy Pty Ltd Level 1 Cottesloe Central, Peppermint Grove, WA


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ABN 77 623 119 773

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