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The Difference

My daughter is a cello student at Advantage Music Academy, she looks forward to every lesson and the lessons are tailored to her ability. I know that almost every cello student here is using different material to suite their individual needs rather than being put through the same book on a mass production line. She has been advancing and enjoying it so much. She was also doing guitar in a specialist program at school, but I decided to withdraw her from it and focus on cello at Advantage because she learns so much more and so much deeper and the lessons bring everything together – theory, ear training, technique etc.

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Place for Family

We met [the Director] before enrolling our daughters. He was so helpful and actually cared about our girls and their interest in music. He is always welcoming and interactive. We actually enjoy sitting in the waiting area while the girls play and have recommended the academy to many friends!

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The Environment

Advantage is the best environment for learning – my daughter doesn’t miss her subjects at school to go to lessons and there are lots of other music students around and they can hear and see each other playing and learning, making friends, and you know the teacher and can speak directly to the teacher. I travel over 25kms once a week just to go to Advantage because it’s worth it and it’s comfortable for parents to wait, or go shopping, or get a coffee in Cottesloe.

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Adult Learning

I am (dare I say gulp) a mature age student, absolutely enjoying having lessons again and exploring a different instrument. I graduated with a music degree in 1982. Since then I have taught a variety of instruments, and been very involved with my children’s school music programmes. Now I am the student again. Loving it.

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Rapid Growth

After two years of learning we were recommended [the Director] for our two boys' piano lessons. In a short time their playing improved dramatically and is now so expressive and beautiful. In their words "Steve worries about every little detail - finger movements, keeping my thumb still, dynamics and volume. My playing is heaps better." They really like him too!

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Our 3 yr old is in the early childhood music program, 4 yr old and 6 yr old are in instruments program. Steve is fun and creative, the kids enjoy his teaching immensely. He puts time into research and creates his own materials. The kids not only develop a strong interest, but also learn some fundamental skills that are essential in building the foundation of music. Especially our 3 yr old who is always humming the songs after class. 🎼, and been very involved with my children’s school music programmes. Now I am the student again. Loving it.


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Exceeding Expectations

We have our 3yr old enrolled in the early starters classes. I wasn't sure what to expect before we started and I'm happy to report it has exceeded my expectations. The classes are really fun and the children are beginning to learn the basics of music in a fun and relaxed environment. I feel lucky to have Steve leading the class as he is a talented musician and is amazing with the children. I have noticed my son's love and knowledge for music grow since starting in term 1. I can highly recommend Advantage Music Academy 🎶

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Very professional approach to teaching music that caters for all ages. Enthusiastic and patient teachers who have developed my eldest 2 daughters with their violin skills and even helped my 7yo learn a tune on the piano. Highly recommend!

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Tailored Learning

We have three boys. Three boys = three different personalities, learning styles and levels of application. Steve, the principal at AMA matches his tuition to bring the best out of each boy. Their progress is tangible. It‘s not just the individualised tuition - there is ad-hoc optional group sessions for similar ability kids on things like rhythm and reading music. We have opted into some of those when it suits. The facilities on offer at The Academy allow the boys to arrive early, or wait afterward, do their homework, or relax in comfort without pressure - if we cannot get there exactly on time to collect them. Most importantly, our boys enjoy their time there - the most important thing of all!

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