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Head Start Piano

A pedagogical approach for the early years that kids love!

Why Head Start Piano?

Physical and Digital Resources

Whole curriculum or individual activites available in print and digital formats.


A variety of activities to choose from that support each concept; room for student input and spontaneity.

Lesson Planning Made Easy

Curriculum and activity guides make lesson planning simple, efficient, and easy to implement.

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Suitable For All Learning Settings

One-to-one, small group, and classroom settings.


New Resources and Updates

Regular updates and releases of curricula, activity books, supplementary resources, and classroom materials.


Teacher Support

Interact with other teachers and our curriculum creators.

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Head Start Piano Activity Books

Head Start Piano activity books are coming soon! 

The activities in our books are tried and tested and kids absolutely love them! Activities relate directly to our Head Start Piano curriculum but can be independently implemented. 


  • PDF of sample activities

  • PDF of sample curriculum outlines

  • links to videos of teaching in action

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