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Our terms and conditions of enrolment allow us to provide a service that is fair to you, to other students, to our staff, and to the Academy as a business.

By enrolling in our programs, you accept our terms and conditions of enrolment and enter a contractual agreement.

Please take 5-10 minutes to read through carefully and ask us any questions that arise.


It is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood the terms and conditions of enrolment, which includes termination procedures.


Account Holder means the person who is responsible for the enrolment and payment for the Student. 

Census Date means the last day on which You can terminate Enrolment without any further payment obligations.

Enrolment means the formal engagement of our services.

Parent or Guardian means the person who brings the Student to classes and/or is present with the Student during classes.

Student means the individual receiving the services provided by Us and for whom the Account Holder is responsible.

Teacher and Teachers means an employee who provides the services to the Student. 

We, Our and Us means Advantage Music Academy Pty Ltd, including its employees.

You and Your means the Account Holder. 

Highlighted portions address frequently asked questions.


When You enrol, Your Enrolment commences on the date of the next available class. Enrolment does not commence and the Student's place is not secured until payment is made.


The minimum length of Enrolment is one term or the remainder of a term if You enrol midterm. Enrolment automatically renews from term to term, including from term four of one year to term one of the next year.


The term dates are those published on Our website. You accept that We, as a private company, are not in any way obligated to adhere to other calendars, including the public school calendar.

However, Our classes at PLC observe the school's calendar available on their website.

Fees & Payment

Fees are paid via direct debit for each term upfront. Any fee increases are announced before the census date of the term from which the increase will take effect.

Termination of Enrolment

If You need to withdraw for any reason, You have to notify Us by completing a cancellation form on the website by the relevant Census Date to avoid further charges. Charges may apply as follows:

  • If You give notice on or before the Census Date of the subsequent term, no further charges apply.

  • If You give notice after the Census Date, the full term fee applies. 


If You enrol after the Census Date, no refunds are provided should You terminate Enrolment before the term to which that Census Date applies concludes. 


We reserve the right to terminate a student's Enrolment without a refund if You fail to meet your payment obligations, and if You, the Student, or anyone in Your care cause damage to Our property or cause serious or repeated hindrance of any kind to Our teachers or other Students. We will manage any behavioural issue with parents/guardians.

If the Student misses three consecutive classes without any communication, We may terminate enrolment without a refund. 


Enrolment entitles the Student to a class on the day and at the time and for the length of each term of Enrolment as indicated in Your Enrolment form or as otherwise varied and agreed upon in writing in the course of enrolment.

You can request to change Your regular class at any point, however, We will only make the change if there is a suitable alternative.


Classes missed by the Student are not rescheduled irrespective of the reason and Students are not able to attend a different class in place of the missed class. If the Teacher is unwell, classes will be cancelled and You will be able to book classes in the school holiday periods at no cost.


Parent/guardian participation is initially highly encouraged. However, parents/guardians should make deliberate efforts to foster the student's independence. Under exceptional circumstances, such as physical limitations, parents/guardians are able to participate indefinitely. 

Parents or guardians are expected to refrain from habitually repeating the Teacher's instructions so that the Teacher can develop a relationship with the Students in which the Students will follow the Teacher's instructions without confirmation from the parent/guardian. The Teacher is aware when a Student does not follow instructions and will manage it as They see appropriate. If a Student becomes upset and does not settle quickly, the parent/guardian is expected to remove them from the class until they settle. 

Siblings are not permitted to participate in classes without the prior express permission of the Teacher.


You enrol with the Academy as an institute, not with a Teacher as a private individual. If your usual Teacher is absent for any reason, We may have one of Our other Teachers take the class. At some point, like in every business, staffing arrangements change. Someone might leave or We may restructure Our operations. When this happens, Your Enrolment is maintained.

Your Teacher reserves the right to instruct Parents or Guardians of children to remain outside of the class if your Teacher feels the Parent or Guardian is interfering with their ability to teach effectively. 

Teachers reserve the right to refuse a Student if that Student is demonstrably sick, uncooperative, or abusive towards anyone or deliberately damages Academy property. 


We communicate with the primary Account Holder. We do not recognise communication via text message. We will send a text message only if there is an urgent message that affects multiple Enrolments. This will be accompanied with an email. ​All communication is centralised. Teachers will not exchange personal contact information. 


We do not share personal information or Enrolment Details about Account Holders and Students with third parties, including other Account Holders and Students. 

You accept that We may use the image and/or audio of anyone on the premises for marketing purposes. We do not identify anyone through social media tagging. We may use first names only for narrative purposes. You must state in writing if You do not want Your or Your child(ren)'s image and/or audio to be used as described.

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