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What people say about us


Student Survey Results

Why did you choose us?

Survey conducted May, 2021.

  • Friend referral

  • Because we heard that you were good

  • Recommended by friend

  • Recommended by [a parent]

  • You were recommended by two different people

  • The Academy is convenient for lessons

  • I like the waiting area and the fact that I can nip down to Woolworths while they have a lesson

  • Proximity

  • Close to home

  • Proximity and flexibility of service

  • and everything seemed to tick the boxes in terms of location

  • Close to home

  • Close to home - walking distance

  • Quality and professionalism of staff and studio

  • having the correct tertiary qualifications was a non-negotiable

  • Quality, high level teaching. Kind, patient, encouraging teacher

  • Structured

  • Teachers don’t spend the 30min on their phones

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