Understand what you're paying for

You are paying for a learning experience that unfolds over time - not a series of isolated lessons at an hourly rate. We have determine our fees not based on an hourly rate or on what any of our competitors do. Our fees have been determine by the value and expertise we offer (and of course our running costs).  A teacher's time each week is only one of many aspects that form the education we provide for which you pay. 

Our tuition fees start at $470 per 10-week term for 30-minute lessons. 

Fees are paid quarterly (terms upfront) or in ongoing monthly instalments via direct debit. Upfront payments for shorter or longer terms or mid-term enrolments are calculated on a pro rata basis. Monthly payment amounts are based on the annual tuition fee spread over 12 payments.

Read about direct debit

We have qualified leadership

Our founding director is a former multi-award-winning academic in musicology from the University of Western Australia and holds postgraduate qualifications in educational leadership. The director works closely with all of our teachers on effective teaching strategies, repertoire choices, methods, and more.

We're a business

We are a business. It seems silly to state but it needs to be stated. We're not a charity, we're not someone's side project while they study something else at university. We are here to make as much profit as possible (surprise!). For that profit we work tirelessly to provide the best possible service. And because we are a legitimate business we have resources that no individual working from their loungeroom or a rented space at local school or church can access. It also means we have bills to pay, just like you, and just like you, we want to be paid well for our hard work. 

We are priced fairly

Found it cheaper elsewhere? Of course you have! Burgers are cheaper at Hungry Jacks than at Grilled; Avacados are cheaper at Woolworths than at Boatshed; public schooling is cheaper than private schooling and the Kia Sorento is cheaper than Porsche Cayene. We won't play price wars, that ends badly for everyone, especially, for you. It just drives prices down, that drives resources down, that drives quality down, that will upset you and you'll wonder why.  We do offer discounts for long-term commitments. It just makes no sense for us to offer discounts for anything less than a serious commitment.

We have a growth mindset

As great as our staff are to begin with, it's not enough. Our teachers are required to participate in professional development both internally and externally from recognised professionals in the industry. No one is just sitting back with their feet up. We are continually improving and expanding our service through collectively forming strategies and policies based on research on method books and education theory and practice.

We have expertise

We take great care in selecting our teachers. All our teachers compete for their job in a selection process in which they are required to run a metaphorical gauntlet. They have all completed at least 3 years of a tertiary music education or have 10 or more years teaching experience. Many of our staff are in fact qualified classroom music teachers as well. Our staff are invested in you - not their own performance career. And good staff cost good money! Pay peanuts, you get monkeys...

Advantage Music Academy Pty Ltd Level 1 Cottesloe Central, Peppermint Grove, WA


0403 536 228  contact@advantagemusicacademy.com


ABN 77 623 119 773

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