Why Advantage Music Academy?

...in one word: PROFESSIONALISM


We have the most qualified and experienced leadership of any private music school in Perth - an experienced educator, former award-winning lecturer of music with qualifications in educational leadership.


All of our teachers have experience working in a variety of contexts, including primary and secondary school environments and private music schools, as well as experience teaching across a range of settings, including one-to-one, small-group, ensemble and early-childhood groups. 


All of our instrumental teachers have undergone the rigorous study of music performance, history, theory, aural, and various specialisations at the tertiary level. Our staff know what it takes to excel.

Informed, structured approach

Our teaching practices are informed by education research and structured around an educational framework of student competencies. 

Student Engagement

We have a team who develops Academy-wide challenges, reward systems, activities, and events to enhance the students' learning experience. 

Teaching excellence

We don't make it up as we go. Our teaching is informed, intentional,  structured and tailored to the needs, goals and interests of each individual student.


We have a well-thought out philosophy that underpins everything we do.

Quality management

Our teachers are subject to regular review, assessment, training, and mentoring. 

Learning environment

Our studio is the right learning environment - better than a lounge room, better than a community building or church, better than a backyard makeshift studio.


Our studio is conveniently located in the heart of the Western Suburbs in Cottesloe Central Shopping Centre among other education and recreation services and retailers with lots of easy-to-access free parking.

Read more about our staff, philosophy, mission, and vision.

Advantage Music Academy Pty Ltd Level 1 Cottesloe Central, Peppermint Grove, WA


0403 536 228  contact@advantagemusicacademy.com


ABN 77 623 119 773

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