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The internship is a four-five-week program open to music students studying piano, violin, or contemporary guitar or voice and/or master of teaching students and have a keen interest in instrumental pedagogy, have little or no experience teaching, and are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

The internship provides the opportunity for interns to be immersed in instrumental teaching in a structured and professional setting, learn valuable skills, and gain insight into the operation of a music school as a business. Interns will learn will through observation, reading, online training and supervised teaching (subject to approval). 

Interns will be lead by the Academy Director, a former multiple-award winning lecturer of musicology and qualified education leader, and experienced Academy teaching staff.


Upon satisfactory completion of the internship, the participant will receive the Advantage Music Academy Internship Scholarship of $1000. 

Academic Credit

Your internship is a Workplace Integrated Learning unit for which you receive full academic credit upon successful completion.


Interns are expected to treat their internship as though they are employed by showing up on time, being professional, and being prepared. By default, interns subscribe to the Academy's philosophy, pedagogy, mission and vision, and are required to uphold our codes of conduct.

Employment opportunities

Interns who successfully complete the program are considered to be strong candidates for future employment opportunities and are automatically shortlisted and invited to an interview. 


Our internship program is supported by peer-viewed research on education theory and practice, and instrumental pedagogy.


Contact hours

The specific hours will be negotiated with individual applicants before committing, however, interns are expected to be available Monday - Friday 2:00pm-7:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm for 4-5 weeks. The days and hours will depend to some extent on the instrument, however, all interns will be required to work with the director and a senior teacher irrespective of their instrument and must complete a minimum of 100 hours. Some study and lesson preparation will be required outside of contact hours.

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