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Piano Lessons

       Steve is an excellent piano teacher with an impressive knowledge of technique and musical theory, and the ability to identify technical fixes and communicate clearly what needs to be changed to progress. The facilities are top class and always extremely clean and maintained. As an adult beginner who recently picked up piano, I would highly recommend Advantage Music Academy for all levels of students.

— Jonathon (Google Review)


Experience the ultimate advantage in piano education here at Advantage Music Academy. Our piano students benefit from the guidance and insight of our director, an active AMEB piano examiner and award-winning education leader, who works very closely with our piano teachers giving you the assurance that the tuition you or your child receives is second to none. Enrol now and discover the unparalleled advantage of learning from the best!


Benchmarks,  tangible progress, & recognised achievement.

Many of our students enrol in exams administered by the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB)—the most widely recognised system in Australia. We advocate assessment of learning rather than learning for assessment, so our students learn something infinitely more valuable than just how to pass an exam. Our students also benefit from the expertise of our director, an active piano examiner, with whom candidates can book exam preparation lessons.



Structured, purposeful, & progressive without exams

For our students who don't take exams, we take an equally structured approach using repertoire that students want to learn while ensuring key concepts and skills are developed. We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the learning needs, goals, and interests of the student are met.

Group lessons

Cost-effective, social learning with diverse learning activities

Our unique curriculum, "Head Start Piano' for 4-7-year-olds, is so good that we were invited to speak about it on the most popular music education podcast in the English-speaking world, The Integrated Music Teaching Podcast! Head Start Piano lays the groundwork for future success through a holistic approach to music education that ignites a desire for learning while introducing fundamental piano concepts. In our program, students learn from the teacher, their peers, and our activity books that reinforce learning through engaging activities like colouring, stickers, and tracing.


But this isn't just any extracurricular activity for entertainment; our young learners develop a sophisticated musical lexicon and skills in reading and writing music notation. It turns out that children can enjoy themselves while also receiving a thorough education in music!

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Adult learners

Your goals, needs, and interests.

Our adult students come to us for all sorts of reasons: fulfil personal goals, take up a hobby, find a release from the stress of work. Some of our adult students are total beginners and others learned as a child or more recently. We have retired engineers and teachers, busy professionals, seniors, busy doctors, busy mums and dads, parents wanting to learn alongside their children, uni students, and more. Some take 30-minute lessons once a week, some twice, some even take 90-minute lessons twice a week, others take one lesson a fortnight. ​We will work with your schedule. If you can only commit once a fortnight, we'll make it work. If you want to do twice a week, we'll make it work. If you're away for a few weeks, we'll make it work.

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Professional recognition​

We are the only music school in Western Australia that has an industry partner with a major university.

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