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Violin Lessons

       Very impressed with the standard of teaching from Advantage Music Academy. Teachers are very qualified and know how to make lessons fun and engaging. Communication from admin point is efficient and hassle free. Highly recommend.

— Magdalene (Google Review)

The violin—the ultimate symbol of elegance and sophistication, capable of profound emotional depth. You've got to start somewhere, why not here and now? Let's be honest, it's not going to be pretty at first—we all know that—but the ultimate reward is immeasurable and broader benefits gained in the process are invaluable.


Our students benefit from the instruction of the Academy's pedagogy expert, responsible for research and development of teaching and learning practices. So our students don't just learn to play the violin very well, they learn how to learn, think, problem-solve, self-assess, and strategise. This is not just violin lessons.

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Professional recognition​

We are the only music school in Western Australia that has an industry partner with a major university.

Lessons start at $525 per term for one-to-one lessons.

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