Music Classes for Toddlers (2-4yrs)

Relaxed, engaging, and student-centred classes for young children.

We have our 3yr old enrolled in the early starters classes. I wasn't sure what to expect before we started and I'm happy to report it has exceeded my expectations. The classes are really fun and the children are beginning to learn the basics of music in a fun and relaxed environment. I feel lucky to have Steve leading the class as he is a talented musician and is amazing with the children. I have noticed my son's love and knowledge for music grow since starting in term 1.

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A study in Switzerland found children who have sustained involvement in music tuition had higher average grades than students who do not engage in music.

A longitudinal study in the Netherlands found that children learning music score higher than those who do not on inhibition, planning and verbal intelligence.

This is where it begins

Many of our Early Starters are now in our instrumental program learning piano, cello, or violin and they are excelling but most importantly, they are loving it. They practice all the time without being asked and they are exploring ideas and their musical curiosity all the time. Many of our students in the instrumental program are now studying music or have finished studying at the tertiary level. But whether or not your child has a future in the arts doesn't matter. It's about giving your child opportunities and a developmental advantage by learning music.​

Open up to your child a world of possibility and don't underestimate the value and power of learning music 


once a week for just $15.



One class per week

Term enrolment (paid upfront)


One class per week.

Guaranteed place.

Classes not transferable.​​

Minimum of 9 classes per term.



Drop in as it suits.


Book up to 24 hours in advance by sending an email or text confirming your attendance.

Place not guaranteed.

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