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Early Starters
Music & Movement

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Real music, real skills, and tonnes of fun.


About the program

Early Starters Music and Movement is an exclusive program that accepts only 6* children in each class. This maximises learning outcomes for each individual student allowing each student to receive more attention from their teacher and a more personalised curriculum for each group. 

In this program, your child will:

  • have lots of fun;

  • make lots of noise;

  • sing, shout, whisper, and count;

  • play with percussion instruments;

  • play the piano;

  • clap, stomp, tiptoe, run, spin and more.

From this experience, your child will:​

  • share, take turns, and learn from their peers;

  • develop fine-motor skills;

  • develop verbal and social skills;

  • develop a sophisticated musical vocabulary;

  • develop a basic awareness of the layout and function of the piano;

  • learn to respond with movement to musical structure, texture, pitch, beat and rhythm.

*Classes at our partnership locations may be larger.

30 minutes weekly



Also available at our partner locations:


Early Learning Centre, Wembley.

(exclusive to MercyCare enrolments)

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