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Early Starters
Music & Movement

Real music, real skills, and tonnes of fun.

       Our (almost) 3-year-old completed his first term at Advantage and is just about to start his second. He adores it and we love giving him the opportunity to explore his love of music!

- Katie (Google review)

About the program

Early Starters Music and Movement is an exclusive program that accepts only 6 children in each class. This maximises learning outcomes for each individual student allowing each student to receive more attention from their teacher and a more personalised curriculum for each group. 

In this program, your child will:

  • have lots of fun;

  • make lots of noise;

  • sing, shout, whisper, and count;

  • play with percussion instruments;

  • play the piano;

  • clap, stomp, tiptoe, run, spin and more.

      Great place. My 2 year old grandson loved it!

—Helen (Google review)

      Professional, dedicated teachers. Brilliant school.

—Emily (Google review)


From this experience, your child will:​

  • share, take turns, and learn from their peers;

  • develop fine-motor skills;

  • develop verbal and social skills;

  • develop a sophisticated musical vocabulary;

  • develop a basic awareness of the layout and function of the piano;

  • learn to respond with movement to musical structure, texture, pitch, beat and rhythm.

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New class (waiting list)


New class (waiting list)

New class (waiting list)

3 places available until Aug 2



New class (waiting list)

New class (waiting list)

25-30-minute weekly class


255/10-week term

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