Relaxed, engaging, and highly educational 30-minute weekly classes for young children aged 2-4 years.

Having attended many classes of all types over the span of 3 children, I can honestly say that this programme is exceptional in terms of content and delivered with true care and passion. It is constructive and builds musical enjoyment and awareness in a way that is pure fun and the consistency of the classes builds confidence in the children. I cannot praise this music school enough to be honest but the greatest measure is that my child can’t wait to get there and then doesn’t want to leave.

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About the program

Early Starters Music and Movement is an exclusive program that accepts only 4 children in each class. This maximises learning outcomes for each individual student allowing each student to receive more attention from the instructor and a more personalised curriculum. 

In this program, your child will:

  • have lots of fun;

  • make lots of noise;

  • sing, shout, whisper, and count;

  • play with percussion instruments;

  • play the piano;

  • clap, stomp, tiptoe, run, spin and more.

From this experience, your child will:

  • share, take turns, and learn from their peers;

  • develop fine-motor skills;

  • develop verbal and social skills;

  • develop a sophisticated musical vocabulary;

  • develop a basic awareness of the layout and function of the piano;

  • learn to respond with movement to musical structure, texture, pitch, beat and rhythm.

What sets our program apart?

Advantage Music Academy:

  • has its own dedicated, professional music school;

  • allows a maximum of 5 children per class to maximise outcomes;

  • does not accept mid-term enrolments (in existing classes) even if there is a place available to maximise outcomes;

  • uses "real" and diverse music;

  • writes its own flexible, ever-improving, ever-evolving curriculums that adjust to each group to maximise outcomes;

  • uses curriculums built on education research and practice;

  • uses a flexible approach that responds to children's spontaneous ideas and reactions;

  • transitions children to complete independence from parental involvement;

  • incorporates basic piano skills.


Our competitors:

  • hire different venues such as civic centres and churches;

  • have large class numbers (6-12 children);

  • accept mid-term enrolments;

  • use nursey rhymes and songs children can learn from anywhere;

  • have narrow franchise curriculums;

  • follow the curriculum script leaving no room for flexibility, improvisation, and exploration;

  • have curriculums not supported by education research;

  • depend on parental involvement;

  • use basic percussion instruments only.



You can book a trial class in the next school holidays at the link below. We suggest you do this well in advance as places fill up very quickly as the holidays approach. You can also join the wait list for regular classes to reserve a place until you have the trial class.


You can enrol immediately in any class for which the "BOOK" button is available at the link below.  If the option is not available, you can join the wait list (See JOIN A WAIT LIST option).


Wait lists are for full classes and classes that are new. If the class is full, "FULL INDEFINITELY" will be appear next to the class at the link below. This means a place will only come available when that class graduates (which could be in as much 18-months' time). If the class is new, "NEW CLASS" will appear next to the class. When sufficient numbers have joined the waiting list you'll be given the opportunity to enrol (first-come-first-serve basis) and commence immediately.