Music Lessons for Preschoolers (4-6yrs)


Head Start Piano prepares young children for dedicated instrumental or vocal lessons by developing basic musicianship skills, including recognition and response to pitch, beat, rhythm, dynamics, structure and texture, through a variety of active learning activities. This program incorporates basic piano skills that form a solid foundation for one-to-one instrumental lessons. Head Start Piano classes use a variety of musical games and activities and songs and rhymes that are directly linked to what is taught on the piano. In the classes young students learn to use sophisticated musical vocabulary and read and notate music. Every activity in Head Start Piano has a specific pedagogical purposes that teaches piano skills with an emphasis on correct technique to lay the best foundation for further learning. The classes are highly structured and supported by early-childhood music education research and practice.

Our 3 yr old is in the early childhood music program, 4 yr old and 6 yr old are in instruments program. Steve is fun and creative, the kids enjoy his teaching immensely. He puts time into research and creates his own materials. The kids not only develop a strong interest, but also learn some fundamental skills that are essential in building the foundation of music. Especially our 3 yr old who is always humming the songs after class. 🎼, and been very involved with my children’s school music programs. Now I am the student again. Loving it.


Weekday afternoons. Classes run for 30 minutes.

Please contact the Academy for information about availability.

Tuition Fees

There are three difference options for Head Start Piano. Fees for one-to-one classes are set at the standard rates for instrumental and vocal lessons. One-to-one is ideal for young children who are easily distracted by others and for families who want a premium learning experience entirely tailored to their child. Classes shared in pairs brings the benefits of social learning and are ideal for families who are not ready to fully invest in their child's musical education. Classes in groups of three capitalise on the social aspect of learning and focus on a broader range of musical skills. This is ideal for families are not concerned about whether or not their child will learn the piano but want to expose their child to music in a structured and developmental way.

Terms & conditions of enrolment here:

Waiting List

Group classes for Head Start Piano are formed on demand.

If you're interested in enrolling your child(ren) in a group, please complete the form to keep informed.

$27 per class

Term payment


in a group of 3

​​Group of 2: $370

One-to-one: $470

A waiting list is formed for group classes, however, students can opt to commence classes in a smaller group or one-to-one until the group is formed. If a group is formed throughout a term, the difference in the fees is applied to the subsequent term.

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Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

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