Head Start

Music Lessons for Kindy-Year 1 (4-6yrs)

Cello, piano, violin or voice.

My 6 year old daughter started with no prior experience of piano and has come on leaps and bounds! Her teacher has been fantastic and makes lessons fun and engaging which has encouraged my daughter to want to practice at home and progress her learning further.

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About the program

In this program, your child will:

  • learn to read, write and perform music in a fun and active way;

  • play engaging music or sing songs they know and love;

  • learn correct technique enabling them to play or sing expressively and comfortably;

  • learn the value and reward of commitment, applying themselves and taking ownership of their learning.

Enjoy peace of mind 

Your child's musical education is in the good hands of our encouraging, positive, tertiary-educated and experienced teachers, some of whom are qualified classroom teachers.


Our teachers are under the leadership of an award-winning former academic in music and qualified educational leader with over 20-years' teaching experience who works very closely with all of our teachers.


Our teachers will update you on your child's progress, provide clear weekly goals, and strategise with you in every lesson to ensure that your child's learning needs are being met. Our teachers will make videos of practice techniques so that your child (and you) know exactly what is expected and how to do it.

Enjoy convenience


The Academy is conveniently located inside Cottesloe Central Shopping Centre on Stirling Highway, Peppermint Grove. There is an abundance of parking and we're just metres from Woolworths, Priceline, and other retailers.

Go downstairs and get the groceries while your child has their lesson. Or join us in the lesson - we can all fit in our spacious and comfortable studios. Or sit back, put your feet up, make a tea or coffee and catch up on emails. Siblings can play with the Lego or grab a beanbag and read a book.

We have simple systems in place for missing lessons, changing lesson days or times, registering for events, and making payments.

Why choose us?


Your child will be excited to come to their lessons and be motivated to practice. 


Your child will receive a comprehensive musical education.


Your child will have an encouraging, positive, tertiary-educated and experienced teacher who cares deeply, and takes personal responsibility for your child's learning.

You get peace of mind.

You get convenience.

We are always working close to capacity.

Don't miss out. Book a trial lesson today.


Waiting for their turn to perform at our 2020 Culmination Concert at UWA.

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Advantage Music Academy Pty Ltd 

Level 1 Cottesloe Central, Peppermint Grove, WA

0403 536 228 


ABN 77 623 119 773

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Conveniently located inside Cottesloe Central Shopping Centre.