Active, engaging, student-centred.
(Kindy-Year 1)

Our young students love their lessons so much that some come multiple times a week, learn multiple instruments, and perform every term. 


Daniel comes in every week yelling 'It's Ciara day!' (Ciara - his teacher), bounces off the walls with excitement, and at the end of every lesson calls his mum and dad into the room to show them what he learned. At just 3 years old, Daniel performed on his tiny violin at our culmination concert at the UWA Conservatorium of Music...and it wasn't just a couple of squeaky notes. 


Daniel loves the lessons so much and also loves the space! He didn’t wanna leave this morning :)

- Sofi


What is Head Start?

  • 30-minute lessons any frequency from daily to weekly - most do weekly 

  • Engaging lessons filled with movement, activities and games 

  • Engaging materials to develop reading and writing skills

  • A reward system for a little extra encouragement - points, stickers, prizes 

  • Cello, guitar, piano, violin and voice tuition

  • One-to-one, paired, or small-group classes (shared lessons piano only)


FREE group classes

FREE regular performance opportunities

FREE parent support (seminars on basic musical knowledge & effective practice)

Your child will want to come to their lessons. Your child will be motivated to learn because they have will have an engaging, encouraging, tertiary-educated and experienced teacher who has at the centre of everything your child's best interests and takes personal responsibility for your child's learning.

We will enable you to support your child's learning even if you have no music background through clear and regular communication about your child's progress, personalised video content (lessons, instructions, demonstrations) and free seminars.


After his introductory lesson Daryl came home and went straight to the piano and in the morning as soon as he woke up he went straight to the piano again! 

 - Angelina W

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Professional recognition

We are the only music school in Western Australia that is an industry partner with a major university. We offer internships to students of the University of Western Australia Conservatorium of Music for which a full academic credit is awarded.


Get a spot today! Submit a contact form at the link below and we'll get in touch about availability and answer any questions.