Working For Advantage Music Academy

What Advantage Music Academy is all about

We recognise the investment our clients make in their child(ren)'s or their own education and we take that seriously. We consider our role as educators is a great privilege and responsibility. At the centre of everything we do are the best interests of every student.

Get Support

Advantage Music Academy seeks to make your job more comfortable, easier, and productive. The Academy provides genuine support in all aspects of your job, from the provision of resources to behaviour management, from pedagogy to comfortable furniture.

Get Paid

Our employees are not contractors. We don't dodge paying your superannuation, we don't dodge paying your tax, and we don't dodge paying you for 'no-shows'. We pay the lawful way.

No ABN required.

What you do NOT have to do:

  • market yourself

  • find your own students

  • manage bookings

  • "make-up" lessons

  • pay for teaching resources

  • PAYG own tax

  • pay yourself superannuation

  • pay GST

  • write invoices

  • follow up payments

  • manage your expenses

  • pay for a lease

  • pay an accountant

  • pay for workers' compensation insurance

  • pay legal fees

  • pay outgoings

  • manage policies and contracts

  • travel to different locations

  • ...

Be Connected

Advantage Music Academy staff are a part of a community of practice. Staff share experiences, ideas and advice through face-to-face informal chats and formal meetings and through online platforms. No one working for Advantage Music works in isolation. 

Ahead of the Competition

We've had competitors ask us for marketing and customer management advice, and some are blatant copycats taking our processes and methods, information and terms and conditions on the website, others have even wanted to merge with us. We must be doing something right. 

Grow in Your Role

Some staff take opportunities to further their involvement with the Academy by participating in marketing activities and program development. While all staff begin casual, there is potential for part-time employment that includes teaching and further involvement in the operations of the Academy, including writing programs and research projects.

Feel Valued

Advantage Music Academy values its staff as people and professionals. All staff have input on a variety of aspects of the Academy including management, marketing, and pedagogy. Staff are paid for meetings, training, writing reports, free trials, and when scheduled students do not show up and staff are not required to provide "make-up lessons" when a student misses a lesson.


Advantage Music Academy pays a competitive wage. All staff are employees. That means you receive superannuation and leave entitlements (part-time employees), and the Academy withholds PAYG amounts.  


To be considered for a teaching role, prospective employees must be either in their final year of a bachelor's degree in music or have completed at least 3 years of a tertiary music education or have a minimum of 10 years' teaching experience . All applicants must also have at least 12 months of teaching experience. 

Application Process

Complete an application at the link below. You will need:

  • Working With Children Check number

  • CV

  • Resume

  • 2 professional referees

Potential employees will be invited to an interview. The interview will go for approximately 1 hour. Interviewees are given a series of questions around mindset, ethics, and pedagogy. Interviewees are typically given questions about motivation and personal development. Hypothetical situations are given to interviewees which require the interviewee to draw on their ethics. Interviewees are also asked a series of questions about their pedagogy and how they deal with issues. 

Interviewees are required to perform two contrasting pieces or songs or sections of pieces or songs for up to 5 minutes combined. 

Interviewees are required to present two contrasting pieces of music or songs for teaching and answer the following:

  1. Why are you introducing the piece or song to the student?

  2. How would you introduce the piece or song to the student?

  3. What anticipated difficulties do you see the student having?

  4. How would you prepare for and deal with those difficulties?

Some Tips...

The tips below address common issues encountered in the recruitment process that almost invariably result in immediate rejection.

Tip 1: Don't ask for the hourly rate if we haven't met you. We need to what you bring to us before we offer you anything. 

Tip 2: Don't use informal language in your cover letter. 

Tip 3: Before you apply, read about the Academy, its background, philosophy and its approach to teaching. Show that you are actually want to work for the Academy and not just anywhere.

Tip 4: Call us if you want to know more. Do not text. Be professional.

Current Positions

Piano teacher OPEN

Complete the online application form and attach your CV and a cover letter that outlines what you bring to the Academy, why you want to work for the Academy and why you would be a good fit.