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HIRING: Piano teacher & guitar teacher
Applications close June 21


I absolutely love teaching at Advantage Music Academy. The Academy's mission to bringing professionalism to music education has allowed me to continuously learn and develop as a teacher. The commitment to excellence and evidenced-based pedagogy has created an enriching and stimulating professional environment in which to work. The Academy makes every teacher feel valued. It's always a pleasure to enter the Academy each day.

- Brock S.

(piano teacher)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Advantage Music Academy. All the teaching staff are super lovely and friendly, they are all very supportive of each other and share resources and ideas to help grow as a teaching community and to improve the school overall. I have enjoyed having a singular room to ‘call my own’ and to know that I can utilize the room in whichever way I please to have the best positive outcome for student experiences and learning. Resources are abundant at Advantage and more resources are continuously added to the collection so there is always something to use. The incorporation of the Head Start Program has been exciting, and I look forward to seeing the continuous progress this course has to offer. Steve works hard to provide the best learning opportunities for the teachers through creating a Professional Development website to improve teacher’s knowledge as well as being readily available to give advice about even the smallest things of music teaching practice. 100% recommend working here.  

- Aidan B.

(piano teacher)

Why work for the Academy?

Anyone can teach. You don’t need a music or teaching degree. You can teach at home, teach in a school, or teach in students' homes. But it’s well established in many areas of research, including education, leadership, and business, that in order to grow yourself, to improve your craft, whether you have teaching qualifications or not, you need access to resources, professional development, and most importantly, you need to work with others; you need to be a part of a professional learning community, and that's exactly what we are at Advantage Music Academy:  we collaborate, collectively form pedagogical strategies, shares ideas, experiences and research, and we work with families to improve the learning experience and outcomes for each individual student.

You will be led by an experienced, qualified, award-winning education leader and AMEB examiner in the provision of a high-quality music education supported by education research and practice. You will receive advice, mentorship, support, training, and access to resources, and you will be surrounded by others who love what they do. We have our own online learning platform with courses in the application of pedagogy research and practice as well as behaviour management and more. You will have opportunities to grow in your role and to contribute to our program development. You will have lots of students, a reliable stream of income, and be a part of something.

Here's a preview of just some of the professional development you'll have access to:

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Снимок экрана 2024-06-04 082853.png

What do our employees say about working at Advantage Music Academy?

I enjoy working at the Academy because it gives me a sense of belonging to a community of dedicated and committed teachers. Our meetings at the beginning of each term allow me to share my ideas and get support in any teaching-related matters. I also feel like my work and expertise is appreciated and valued. I'm happy to be a part of an educational institution that strives for excellence and positive relationships between all its members. 

- Joanna W.

(cello teacher)

The Academy has such a well-established supportive environment for everyone - students, parents, and teachers. So much effort goes into providing the best music education, working here amongst other passionate teachers inspires my own development as a teacher.

- Isabel F.

(piano teacher)

I've had the pleasure of teaching at Advantage Music Academy for a little over 3 years, and would undoubtedly recommend it to any prospective student or teacher! 


Over the years teaching here I've always felt that my time, effort and expertise as a tutor were all valued and rewarded, and thus my focus was always on ensuring my students had the best educational experience possible.Steven puts a great deal of work into making sure the Academy's student-centred approach is well understood and achievable for his tutors, and I feel this shows in the results we see in our students.


Keenan L.

(guitar teacher)

I have been dedicated to working at Advantage Music Academy for almost three years and the culture of the Academy compares to no other music school. There is a great sense of community amongst teachers, students, and the families of the school.


Advantage Music Academy is a vibrant and professional school dedicated to providing exceptional music education to every student. The school is modern, clean, and promotes professionalism.


With a commitment to excellence, the teachers undergo regular training and meetings led by the school’s Director. As a part of the school, teachers are consistently offered opportunities for professional development. I am grateful for the opportunities that Advantage Music Academy has given me over my period of employment, and it is a privilege to have taught the vocal

program at the school.

- Natasha M.

(voice teacher)

Who owns the Academy?


Steven Armstrong, Academy Founding Director.

Master of Educational Leadership.

Postgraduate Certificate of Education.

Bachelor of Music (Hons.).

Former Associate Lecturer (Musicology), UWA.

Excellence in Teaching Award (UWA).

Student Guild Students' Choice Award (UWA).

AMEB piano examiner

I've spent my career in the pursuit of musical excellence and educational integrity, recognised by multiple teaching excellence awards during my tenure as an associate lecturer of musicology at the University of Western Australia. This steadfast commitment cemented a reputation that led to an invitation to serve as a piano examiner with the Australian Music Examination Board. Through these experiences, I've observed firsthand the consequences of the profound and widespread disparities in the quality of private instrumental music education.

This ignited in me a resolve to effect positive change within music education. I envisioned giving the public access to a professional standard of teaching, shaped and informed by my education and training in music and educational leadership, and my experience as a educator. And that's exactly what I did.


For me, professionalism is not some vague reassurance echoing into the cacophony of market claims; it means teaching practices informed by education research and practice, a rigorous teacher selection process of experienced and tertiary-educated teachers, a commitment to ongoing professional development, and rigorous quality management processes.

I'm always looking for teachers who passionately seek to facilitate student growth and experience growth themselves. The teachers at Advantage Music Academy are always learning, improving, and discovering because we are a professional learning community that collaborates, collectively forms pedagogical strategies, shares ideas, experiences and research to improve the learning experience and outcomes for each individual student. Be a part of it!

- Steve

The job

What you will do

  • Deliver 30-, 45-, and 60-minute instrumental or vocal lessons (refer to advertised position) to children from 3.5 years of age to adults.

  • Provide students with clear goals both weekly and long-term and facilitate student achievement.

  • Participate and contribute to meetings, training, research, and projects.

You will be an employee, not a contractor and such will be an integral part of the Academy. You will not be able to float in and out under the radar but engage with the Academy leadership, colleagues, and the students' families. You will be a part of a professional community.

What we expect

  • Professionalism in everything you do: your work ethic, organisation, and communication. 

  • Excellence in teaching and learning: continually seek self-improvement, engage in reflective practice, and undergo training and mentorship with an open mind. 

  • Leadership by participating in and contributing to training, research, and projects and bringing new ideas to the table.

  • Commitment to your work and commitment to the Academy.

We are looking for teachers who conduct themselves professionally, teach with excellence, contribute to the Academy, are committed to their work and have a proven track record for commitment. We expect 3 years of commitment as a minimum. We expect you to be available every week for every lesson for the length of each term of teaching. This job may be a side-gig for you, and that is totally OK; but it is not a short-term side-gig. Many of our teachers have multiple income sources, but they are still committed, even if it is only one shift per week. We will invest in you - time, resources, and money. And like any investment, we expect a return.


Our teachers are paid a wage that exceeds that paid by our competitors who provide the same type of employment and benefits. Rates are determined by candidates' experience, education, and proven skills and the needs of the Academy.  An hourly rate will be determined following an interview and be presented in an employment offer. We employ casual, part-time, and full-time teachers. Before we offer you an hourly rate we need to know who you are, what you are offering us, and what experience, education, and skill you have. 

Application process

Complete an application at the link below. You will need:​

  • an hour

  • a Working With Children Check number (must be obtained before an offer is presented)

  • CV

  • 2 professional referees

  • to create a video

Video Instructions

You are required to create a 3-5 minute video in which you

  • explain why you want to work for Advantage Music Academy,

  • explain what additional value you bring, and

  • describe your teaching experience.​


You should present yourself professionally as though you are in an interview.

Interview Procedure

Potential employees will be invited to an interview. The interview will go for approximately half an hour. There are three components of the interview:

1. Questions

Candidates may be asked follow-up questions based on their responses to the application and questions about their work experience.

2. Performance

Interviewees are required to perform two contrasting pieces or songs or sections of pieces or songs for up to 5 minutes combined. This is not an audition; we simply cannot hire anyone we have not heard perform, but you should obviously present your best

3. Teaching 

Interviewees are required to present two pieces of music or songs of contrasting levels and styles for teaching and answer the following:

  1. Why are you introducing the piece or song to the student?

  2. How would you introduce the piece or song to the student?

  3. What anticipated difficulties do you see the student having?

  4. How would you prepare for and deal with those difficulties?

The panel will ask you these questions.

Complete the application below to be considered for a position. Allow yourself as much as an hour to complete it as there are questions that require a little reflection and serious thought. Don't stress if you're not sure how to answer a question, just do your best.

We want you to have the opportunity to really demonstrate your suitability for the job, so if you have any questions about the application, don't hesitate to contact us at 6223 0223 or email

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