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Piano, violin, singing, guitar, theory.

Lessons for school children

      I would highly recommend Advantage music acadamy. It is professional and has lots of qualified teachers. Special thanks to Brock for identifying child's needs, being kind and patient and helping my son to learn piano skills. Also providing an opportunity for my son to play in UWA concert. Much appreciated.

—Ruvini (Google review)


"he was the only child in the year to be getting a D for music in the upcoming semester 2 report...[the teacher said] last week at school that he would now be getting an 'A' in his upcoming semester 1 report. He has never had an A or B for anything...To be honest, I'm not that bothered about grades, it's his self-esteem and self-worth that will always be my focus and I certainly saw that this was intact last week."

- Rachel 




Your child's learning is in the good hands of our engaging, encouraging, tertiary-educated, and experienced instrumental teachers, some of whom are qualified classroom teachers. Your teacher is under the leadership of an award-winning and qualified educational leader with over 20-years' combined instrumental and tertiary teaching experience who works very closely with all of our teachers and with whom you can communicate directly.



At the centre of everything we do are the best interests of each individual student. Our teachers strategise with you to ensure that all learning needs are being met. The scope, pace, content, and approach are adjusted according to the needs, interests and goals of each student. 




Your child's progress and weekly expectations and goals are regularly and clearly communicated to you, both in person at each lesson and through classroom management apps. Our teachers will make videos of practice techniques so that your child (and you) know exactly what is expected, how to do it and what quality looks and sounds like. 



We are centrally situated in the Western Suburbs and conveniently located inside Cottesloe Central Shopping Centre, in a tenancy mix of retailers and services, including a major supermarket. We have a large open waiting area with unobstructed views into the studios, a play area with Lego, books, and games for siblings while they wait, and tea and coffee. There is also plenty of space for you to observe your child's lessons in the studio if you wish.


30 minutes weekly



45 minutes weekly



1 hour weekly



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Professional recognition​

We are the only music school in Western Australia that is an industry partner with a major university. We offer internships to students of the University of Western Australia Conservatorium of Music for which a full academic credit is awarded.

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