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Sunday, November 26, 11:00am - 1:00pm

Callaway Auditorium, Conservatorium of Music,

University of Western Australia.

Last day to register performers: November 12.


Our students have the unique opportunity to perform in a professional setting at the prestigious Conservatorium of Music at the University of Western Australia—our official industry partner.


No other music school can offer the same experience so don't miss out! The preparation process and stepping out into the spotlight and performing in front of an audience of almost 200 can have a profoundly positive effect on students' development beyond the domain of music.



Tickets are $29 each. There are 170 tickets available. There is no limit on individual orders. Performers do not require a ticket. You do not need to print or show a digital ticket. Please check in at the door when you arrive.

No refunds are provided for change-of-mind, cancellation or no-shows. Tickets can be onsold or given away.

If there is sufficient demand a second session will be scheduled at 9:30am.



Doors will close at 11:00am. Under no circumstances will anyone be able to enter or leave at any point in time once the performances have begun until the end (obviously, except in case of an emergency). Those who cannot stay for the entire concert cannot attend at all. There are no exceptions. Despite how explicitly this policy is communicated, year after year, without fail, we are asked for an exemption and the answer is invariably 'no'. Please don't ask!

  • Phones must be on aeroplane mode or off.

  • Photography is allowed (phones in aeroplane mode)

  • Sorry, infants and toddlers are not permitted in the auditorium.

If you buy tickets for extended family members or friends, it is your responsibility to ensure they are aware of the etiquette.

This event is a really big deal for many students. You don't want to be the one who ruins it for someone else's kid and their family!



Performers need to arrive no later than 10:45am and will wait in the greenroom until it is their turn to perform. Performers do not sit in the audience at any point during the concert. Performers will be cued onto the stage and return to the greenroom after their performance and wait until the end. Staff will be present to escort students to and from the greenroom and the toilets as required. TV and games will keep performers entertained while they wait. Performers will have the opportunity to warm up in separate rooms. We do not accommodate requests for specific placements in the program.

Performers need to register at the link below. Registration closes November 12.




As the Culmination Concert is a formal event, performers need to dress accordingly and performances need to be polished.

Piano accompaniment and backing tracks are available to those who need it, but it is the performer's/parents' responsibility to organise this with the Academy.

Performers 6 years old and under may be accompanied by a parent on stage. The parent will move from their seat to the stage as their child enters and return to their seat immediately after.

The access to the venue is via the main entrance at the Mounts Bay Road/Stirling Highway/Winthrop Avenue intersection. The best parking is located to the left of the entrance in front of the sports centre.



A 10-minute awards ceremony will follow the performance. The Student of the Year will be announced in each age-group category (junior, primary, secondary, and adult).

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